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Sing, Sign & Speak

Looking to make signing with your hearing baby or toddler simple, fun, and successful from the very first day? Sing, Sign & Speak classes makes it easy! With our research-proven strategies and techniques, there's no need to sign with your infant or toddler every time you say a word! 

Our materials and programs use American Sign Language (ASL) signs and teach you when and how to sign most effectively, and which signs to use within routines and play. 

Sing, Sign & Speak Classes extend parents' signed vocabulary, and at the same time teach parents how to use ASL signs not only as a means of early communication, but also as a powerful vehicle to facilitate spoken language development and long-term learning. Through engaging and developmentally-stimulating activities, you will learn how to use ASL signs to facilitate your child's comprehension of abstract ideas; stimulate your child's memory skills, foster emotional understanding and regulation, encourage symbolic play, enhance overall vocabulary and sentence use (signing and spoken), and advance your child's pre-literacy abilities through strategic sign use while singing, dancing, and storytelling.

In our Signing with Babies class, we will share useful strategies to help you teach your baby signs that will open the door to early communication, facilitated speech, increased intimacy, and long-term learning long before they can speak! 

Building on the skills learned in the babies class, the Signing with Toddlers class extends the benefits of Signing. We use the familiar structure of the Baby Class, and integrate signs and signing strategies into gross motor play, large and small group activities, reading, storytelling, singing, and much more; however, the activities, interactions, and signs in the Toddler class are designed to take children to the "next level" with both signing and speaking.
The Toddler class provides a unique opportunity for families teaching their toddlers sign language to engage in vocabulary-rich activities that have been developed specifically to facilitate linguistic, emotional, and cognitive development in hearing toddlers.

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